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What is the Token Liquidity Foundation?

The Token Liquidity Foundation's goal is to improve market liquidity and trading opportunities for ERC-3643 security tokens. By reducing barriers to entry and increasing liquidity, the Foundation also aims to raise awareness of and participation in the global security token market.

The Foundation's first ground-breaking measure to improve liquidity is the Liquefy dApp. The Liquefy dApp allows the holders of ERC-3643 security tokens, such as EGX, to "liquefy" their holdings into freely tradable and liquid ERC-20 tokens, which which can be traded freely on multiple exchanges and venues, without many of the restrictions applying to the original tokens. Holders of these liquid ERC-20 tokens can "solidify" their holdings into the corresponding security tokens, subject to the applicable KYC requirements.

Development of the Liquefy dApp has been completed, the dApp contracts have passed audit, and the Foundation is now waiting for the EGX token upgrade in order for swapping via the dApp to be enabled. Please visit the Foundation's audit page on Certik to find out more, and add the project to your watch-list.

Along with Scale Labs and Sonata Capital, Enegra is proud to be a supporter of the Token Liquidity Foundation. The work that the Foundation is undertaking with the Liquefy dApp is a key part of our roadmap, as we work towards enabling CEX deposits and trading for all EGX token-holders.

You can find out more about the Foundation on their website.

We ask all EGX token-holders to support the Foundation and to help spread the word, by following the Foundation's Twitter and LinkedIn, and joining their Telegram group.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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