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How can I qualify a CEX Deposit Address?

Although Enegra only supports each EGX token-holder having a single self-custody wallet address associated with their investor profile, you are also able to associate a centralised exchange (CEX) deposit address with your investor profile, for each of the CEX that EGX is listed on. This will qualify the deposit address to hold EGX, and means that you will be able to deposit EGX onto the CEX for trading.

We strongly suggest that you only deposit EGX onto a CEX for trading purposes, and do not generally hold EGX on a CEX. Any EGX deposited onto a CEX becomes the property of the CEX, and the CEX is now recognised by Enegra as being the owner of the EGX and having the rights attached to the EGX. Any EGX stored on a CEX will only become your property if they are withdrawn from the CEX into your qualified self-custody wallet, such as MetaMask.

How to Add a CEX Deposit Address

You will first need to create an account at one or more of the CEX that EGX is listed and on trading on
Once your CEX account has been created and verified, copy the EGX deposit address from the CEX, to use below
Login to the Investor Portal
Select "Buy / Sell" from the nav-bar
Select the "Centralized Exchange" tab
Select the "Add deposit wallet" button for the CEX you use to add a deposit address for
Paste the deposit address into the "Deposit wallet address" field in the pop-up
Select "Add"

The deposit address will need to be approved by the Enegra Compliance Team prior to use, and you will receive notification of this approval.

Note that CEX deposits for EGX have not yet been enabled. Adding a CEX deposit address to your profile and having it approved will not allow you to deposit EGX onto the CEX until CEX deposits have been enabled. An announcement about CEX deposits will be made at the next Quarterly Update (originally scheduled for the end of June, but postponed due to several issues with the T-REX Servicing platform).

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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