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What does Enegra do?

The commodities market in Southeast Asia has operated below its full potential in the past, as mid-tier miners from emerging markets in the region lack the financial and logistics capacity to compete globally.

Enegra is an international energy commodities trading business that offers mid-tier miners global expertise in risk management, logistics, and finance, resulting in a long-term stable revenue stream. Enegra has developed a unique and trusted relationship with 16 mid-tier miners in Indonesia, giving Enegra exclusive access to 1.8 billion tonnes of coal and 5,000 tonnes of nickel per month through the Enegra Offtake Agreement (EOTA) platform.

This offtake gives Enegra a robust balance sheet with an net asset value (NAV) of over USD 60 billion in its 2021 audited accounts (2022 audited accounts will be released shortly, and show an increase in NAV due to increased commodity prices).

Documents such as the audited accounts are available to all EGX token-holders on the Investor Portal.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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