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What innovations is Enegra known for?

Over the past decade, Enegra has become known for innovating in the commodities trading sector:

Enegra Offtake Agreement Platform (EOTA). Enegra has built trusted relationships with the local mining community in Indonesia, where we have secured long-term and exclusive rights to over 1.8 billion tonnes of coal, using our unique offtake agreement model. Following this success, we have moved into other energy-related commodities such as nickel.
Enegra NFT (ENFT). Enegra is the first commodity trading company to use fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent our commodity trades.
EGX. Enegra is the first company in the commodities sector and in Asia to tokenise our equity, which is now represented by the EGX security token. EGX is the largest security token issued globally by market-cap, trade volume, and number of holders.
Multiple exchange listings. EGX is the first security token to list on multiple centralised exchanges (CEX).
Security token used as collateral. EGX is the first security token to be used as collateral in traditional finance transactions, and has been successfully used as collateral for debt finance, bond issuance, and other transactions.

Enegra have successfully conquered the local commodities market, and plan to replicate our success in other markets. Thanks to our innovative use of blockchain technology and EGX, we are leading the world in the mining and commodity sectors.

Holding EGX allows anyone to participate in the success of Enegra and our partners.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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