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What are trends of the mining industry?

The mining industry is undergoing a transformation, and at Enegra, we're at the forefront of this paradigm change.

Automation and high bandwidth communications are key technologies driving this shift. With automation, mining equipment is being upgraded for increased productivity and reduced emissions. High bandwidth communications, facilitated by 5G, enable data processing, low latency control, and precise positioning of assets.

Assets, trade finance and the entire supply chain is becoming tokenised and using the blockchain to provide an immutable audit trail and ease of transaction - EGX being a case in point. Enegra is leading the charge on innovating in the sector.

These advancements are revolutionising the industry and positioning mining operations for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Holding EGX allows anyone to participate in the success of Enegra and our partners.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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